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New Reaction RuleML collaboration site, 2007-12-06

Int. RuleML Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2007), 2007-10-25/26

Reaction RuleML 0.2 Release, 2007-07-01 (xsd)

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Paper at VLDB EDA-PS'07 (pdf)

Reaction RuleML 0.1 Tutorial at RuleML'06 (slides)

Reaction RuleML Poster at RuleML 2006 (pdf)

Position Paper at Business Rules Forum 2006 (pdf)

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  • Paschke, A., Kozlenkov, A., Boley, H.: A Homogenous Reaction Rules Language for Complex Event Processing, International Workshop on Event Drive Architecture for Complex Event Process (EDA-PS 2007), Vienna, Austria, 2007. (pdf)
  • Paschke, A.: "RuleML and Reaction RuleML as a Quasi Standard for Rule Interchange– Standardization in the Area of Rules and CEP", 5th "Meet the Experts – CEP, BPM, BAM, SOA, EDA", Regensburg, June, 2007 (slides)
  • Paschke, A.: Rule Based IT Service Level Management, Colloquium at National Research Council Canada (NRC-IIT), Fredericton, Canada, April 2007 (slides)
  • Paschke, A.: Tutorial Reaction RuleML, tutorial at RuleML'06, Athens, GA, USA, 2006. (slides)
  • Paschke A., Harold B., Kozlenkov A.: Reaction RuleML, poster at RuleML'06, Athens, GA, USA, 2006. (pdf)
  • Paschke, A.: ECA-RuleML/ECA-LP: A Homogeneous Event-Condition-Action Logic Programming Language, Int. Conf. of Rule Markup Languages (RuleML'06), Athens, Georgia, USA, 2006. (pdf)
  • Paschke, A.: Reaction RuleML, Special Event on Reaction RuleML at ISWC06/RuleML06, Athens, Georgia, USA, 2006. (pdf)
  • Adrian Paschke, Alexander Kozlenkov, Harold Boley, Michael Kifer, Said Tabet, Mike Dean, Keara Barrett: Reaction RuleML, position paper at Business Rules Forum 2006, Washington DC, USA, 2006. (pdf)
  • Paschke, A.: The Reaction RuleML Classification of the Event / Action / State Processing and Reasoning Space, White Paper, Reaction RuleML Technical Group, October 2006 (pdf)
  • Paschke A., Kozlenkov A., Harold B.: Reaction RuleML Consensual Presentation, October, 2006. (RRCP)
  • Paschke A.: ECA-LP/ECA-RuleML, poster at RuleML'06, Athens, GA, USA, 2006. (pdf)
  • Paschke, A.: The Rule Based Service Level Agreement Project (RBSLA). International Workshop on Rule-Based Modeling and Simulation of Interacting Systems and Agents (AORML), Cottbus, Germany, Feb. 2006. (pres.)
  • Paschke, A., Kiss, C., Al-Hunaty, S.: NPL: Negotiation Pattern Language - A Design Pattern Language for Decentralized ´(Agent) Coordination and Negotiation Protocols, book chapter in "e-Negotiations", ICFAI univesity press, 2006. (chapter)
  • Paschke, A.: ECA-RuleML: An Approach combining ECA Rules with temporal interval-based KR Event/Action Logics and Transactional Update Logics, Internet-based Information Systems, Technical University Munich, Technical Report 11 / 2005. (pdf)
  • Paschke, A.: ECA-LP: A Homogeneous Event-Condition-Action Logic Programming Language, IBIS, Technische Universität München, Technical Report 11 / 2005. (pdf)
  • Paschke, A.: RBSLA - A declarative Rule-based Service Level Agreement Markup Language based on RuleML, International Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technology and Internet Commerce (IAWTIC 2005), Vienna, Austria, 2005. (pdf) (pres.)
  • Paschke, A.: The ContractLog Approach Towards Test-driven Verification, Validation and Integrity of Rule Bases - A Homogeneous Integration of Test Cases and Integrity Constraints into Dynamic Logic Programs and Rule Markup Languages (RuleML), IBIS, TUM, Technical Report 10/2005. (pdf)
  • Kifer, M., Bonner, A.: Transaction Logics:
  • Wagner, G., Tabet, S., Boley, H.: MOF RuleML: The Abstract Syntax of RuleML as a MOF Model:

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