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ECA RuleML: XML Rule Markup for Reaction Rules
Written by Adrian Paschke   
Tuesday, 05 December 2006

ECA Rule Markup Language v. 0.3

ECA-RuleML: XML Rule Markup Language for Reaction Rules and Event / Action Logics

Adrian Paschke

Version history:
2005-10-15 - ECA-RuleML 0.1
2005-12-9 - ECA-RuleML 0.2
2006-11-9 - ECA-RuleML 0.3

current version


Complex Event / Action Processing, Interval-based KR Event / Action Algebra, ECA Rules, Reaction Rules Logic Programming, Event Calculus, Event / Action Logics, Event Notification, RuleML, ECA-RuleML, Reaction RuleML, Integrity Constraints

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Reaction RuleML 0.1


ECA-RuleML is an ECA Rule Markup Language for the serialization and interchange of reaction rules and event / action logics.  Historically, it has been developed in the Rule Based Service Levele Agreement project RBSLA: and is part of the RBSLA language.

ECA-RuleML since version 0.3 has been merged in the Reaction RuleML 0.1 and will be further developed in the Reaction RuleML project: 




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