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New Reaction RuleML collaboration site, 2007-12-06

Int. RuleML Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2007), 2007-10-25/26

Reaction RuleML 0.2 Release, 2007-07-01 (xsd)

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Paper at VLDB EDA-PS'07 (pdf)

Reaction RuleML 0.1 Tutorial at RuleML'06 (slides)

Reaction RuleML Poster at RuleML 2006 (pdf)

Position Paper at Business Rules Forum 2006 (pdf)

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Reaction RuleML Collaboration Site

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This collaboration site is intended to spur the collaboration in the Reaction RuleML community and to link to the development of tools and use cases which support or make use of Reaction RuleML. In a bottom-up approach member-submitted tools and use cases are collected from which the requirements for Reaction RuleML are infered and successful design and implementation solutions are proposed. The use cases serve as reference implementations demonstrating the useage of Reaction RuleML in specific application domains or provide specific tool-support for Reaction RuleML.


Use Cases 

Name Rule Responder
Provider Open Source hosted at Sourceforge
Description The Rule Responder project builds a methodology and an efficient and scalable enterprise service middleware to deploy arbitrary platform-specific rule engines as distributed inference services on the web and communicate and interchange rules, queries and answer between these services using Reaction RuleML as common interchange format >> more
Submitted by Adrian Paschke
Date 5-1-2007


Name Architectural Management Laws
Provider University of Leicester
Description To enhance the practicability of management laws and demonstrate their suitable adoption for management concerns within Web-Technology, we endeavour to smoothly and accurately bridge the gap between current advances in Service Level Agreements at the deployment level and our conceptual business-level based management laws. We propose to take advantage of the most recent event-driven (ECAs) Web standards with particular emphasis on reactive RuleML languages and their SLAs-tailored variant, namely RBSLA.
Submitted by Ahmed Alghamdi and José Luiz Fiadeiro (University of Leicester)
Date 31-7-2007


Name Rule Based Service Level Agreements
Provider Open Source hosted at Sourceforge
Description The Rule Based Service Level Agreement (RBSLA) project focuses on knowledge representation concepts for service level management of IT services. At the core are rule-based languages to describe contracts and service level agreements in a formal way. The developed Rule Based Service Level Agreement markup language partially inspired Reaction RuleML and builds on top of RuleML and Reaction RuleML language familiy. >> more
Submitted by Adrian Paschke
Date 1-1-2005



Name Rule Manager
Provider Acumen Business
Description The Rule Manager is a product that performs automatic rule verification on Rule Policies. The Rule Manager has a free adapter for the Reaction RuleML format. Create, Test, Verify and Validate your rule policy before exporting to RuleML. >>more
Submitted by Marco Ensing
Date 10-25-2007


Name NxBRE .Net Business Rule Engine
Provider Open Source
Description NxBRE is the first open-source rule engine for the .NET platform and a lightweight Business Rules Engine (aka Rule-Based Engine). The Inference Engine, which is a forward-chaining (data driven) deduction engine and that supports concepts like Facts, Queries and Implications (as defined in RuleML Naf Datalog sub-language) and like Rule Priority, Mutual Exclusion and Precondition (as found in many commercial engines). >>more
Submitted by David Dossot
Date 10-12-2006


Name Reaction RuleML / RBSLA Editor
Provider Open Source hosted at Sourceforge
Description The Reaction RuleML rule editor provides a rule editor and management user interface for Reaction RuleML projects. A template-driven repository approach supports different types of users such as business practitioners, rule and system engineers/programers and domain experts. A configurabel runtime environment supports different and adaptable visualization views for the rule executions including also new user-defined views which can be easily plugged into the framework in order to satisfy the needs of different end users. >>more
Submitted by Adrian Paschke
Date 10-12-2006


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