Thursday, 14 June 2007
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Monday, 11 June 2007

RuleML-2007 Rule Responder

Use this text form to send a query in Reaction RuleML in format to the RuleML-2007 Responder:


RuleML-2007 Responder Use Case

Rule Interface Descriptions (Signatures | Mode Declarations | Example)

- Signature describes the signature of the public rule functions, which might be queried.
- Mode declarations, describe the modes of the function's arguments: input (+), output (-), undefined (?).
- Example: an example (you might copy and paste the examples in the Rule Responder form):

Queries to the RuleML-2007 Organization Service:

Queries which will be delegated by the Organization agent to the Program Chair agent (a Prova rule inference service) (and possibly other agents)

  • getContact(Topic,Task,ContactInfo) | getContact(+,+,-) [example] [info]
  • permit(Author,submit(Author,Submission)) | permit(?,submit(?,?)) [example] [info]
  • submitted(Submission) | submitted(?) [example] [info]
  • accepted(Submission) | accepted(?) [example] [info]
  • open(Phase) | open(?) [example] a href="state_info.rrml" target="_blank">[info]
  • start(Phase,Start,End) | start(+,-,-) [example] [info]
  • fee(Phase,Fee) | fee(+,-) [example] [info]
  • computeFee(Participant, Fee) | computeFee(+, -) [example] [info]
  • permit(Participant,register(Participant)) | permit(?,register(?)) [example] a href="submit_info.rrml" target="_blank">[info]
  • permit(Participant,attend) | permit(?,attend) [example] [info]

Queries which will be delegated by the Organization agent to the Publicity Chair agent (a OOjDrew rule engine servlet)

  • sponsor(contact(Name,Organization),Amount,results(Level,Benefits,Deadline),performative(Action)) | sponsor(contact(+,+),+,results(-,-,-),performative(-)) [example] [info]


RuleML-2007 Responder Agent:

Program Chair 1 Agent:

Publicity Chair Agent:


Last Updated ( Thursday, 14 July 2007 )
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