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  • Paschke, A.: A Rule-Based Middleware for Business Process Execution, Multi-Conference Information Systems (MKWI 2008), Munich, Germany, February 2008. (pdf )
  • Boley, H., Paschke, A.: Expert Querying and Redirection with Rule Responder, 2nd International ExpertFinder Workshop: FEWS2007 (Finding Experts on the Web with Semantics), Busan, Korea, November 2007. (pdf )
  • Craig, B.: The OO jDREW Engine of Rule Responder: Naf Hornlog RuleML Query Answering, International RuleML Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2007), Orlando, Florida, October, 2007. (slides )
  • Paschke, A., Boley, H., Kozlenkov. A, Craig, B.: Rule Responder: RuleML-Based Agents for Distributed Collaboration on the Pragmatic Web, 2nd Internation Conference on the Pragmatic Web, Tilburg, Netherlands, October, 2007. (pdf ) (slides )
  • Craig, B.: Rule Responder: A Multi-Agent Web Platform for Collaborative Virtual Organizations Based on RuleML and OO jDrew, 2007 APICS conference on Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Fredericton, Canada, October, 2007.
  • Paschke, A.: Prova - A Distributed Semantic Web Rule Engine, W3C HCLS Invited Demo, October, 15th, Telecon, 2007. (slides)
  • Paschke, A., Schröder, M.: Inductive Logic Programming for Bio-Informatics in Prova, VLDB 2007 Workshop on Data Mining on Bioinformatics, Vienna, Austria, September, 2007 (pdf).
  • Paschke, A., Kozlenkov, A., Boley, H.: A Homogenous Reaction Rules Language for Complex Event Processing, International Workshop on Event Drive Architecture for Complex Event Process (EDA-PS 2007), Vienna, Austria, September 2007. (pdf)
  • Paschke, A.: "RuleML and Reaction RuleML as a Quasi Standard for Rule Interchange– Standardization in the Area of Rules and CEP", 5th "Meet the Experts – CEP, BPM, BAM, SOA, EDA", Regensburg, June, 2007 (slides)
  • Paschke, A.: Rule-Based Service Level Agreements - Knowledge Representation for Automated e-Contract, SLA and Policy Management, Idea Verlag GmbH, ISBN 978-3-88793-221-3.
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