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Thursday, 14 June 2007 02:44

Rule Responder Pragmatic Agent Web 1.0 is now available from Subversion version control system at as sub-project "pragmatic-agent-web".

The Subversion connection string (not an HTTP access) is

The distribution is based on Maven 2.0, which allows us to include with the distribution only the most rarely found dependencies. Most of the dependencies are automatically downloaded into your local Maven 2.0 repository when you run "mvn package". This (a) downloads all the dependencies and copies then to a subdirectory "lib", (b) compiles the source code, (c) runs some unit tests  (d) creates the pragmatic-agent-web JAR in the target subdirectory. Once everything is built, you can run standalone the startUp batch or shell scripts and select the use case or all use cases which should be deployed on the ESB server, which will be automatically started.

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