Modeling Semantic Search in OO jDREW with an International-Cuisine Taxonomy

Atteeka Rashid, William Ross, Girish Ranganathan, Bhanu Petchetti

Version History, 2006-01-16: Version 0.5

Version History, 2006-01-16: Version 0.5

This is a POSL use case of taxonomic and instance knowledge describing numerous food items and 24 fictitious restaurants. It has been developed using the OO jDREW rule engine.



The goal of our project is to demonstrate how semantic searching might be accomplished. To this end, we have created a mini-web scenario of numerous food items and 24 fictitious restaurants, where each URI relates to one fictitious restaurant's homepage. Furthermore, we have simulated some features of RDF and RDFS using the POSL logic programming representation, and we have developed an international-cuisine taxonomy that we use to classify both restaurants and food dishes. We use the information from our fictitious mini-web, stored as facts in our knowledge base, along with facts and rules inferred by our taxonomy to model the semantic searching of restaurants and food dishes in OO jDREW. Our hope was to gain some experience with tools used in Semantic Web development and to gain some knowledge regarding semantic searching, which we feel is an integral part of the Semantic Web. The project is fully described in a report (RestaurantFinderReport.pdf, RestaurantFinderReport.doc)

RestaurantFinderKB in POSL Syntax

The POSL source file: RestaurantFinderKB.posl

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