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RuleML 1.0 RelaxNG Directory

RuleML 1.0 RelaxNG Directory

Notice of Obsolescence

See the current Deliberation RuleML Relax NG Directory and also MYNG.

This directory contains the "modules/" subdirectory of core modules and the "modules_ext/" subdirectory of extension modules. Also a few static driver files are published here for demonstration purposes.

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There are a number of URLs beginning with the path to this directory that redirect to PHP scripts. In particular, the zip archives and the schema drivers for named languages are built on-the-fly by PHP scripts.

Zip Archives

These zip archives are built on-the-fly - please allow time for the zip archives to be assembled. Each zip archive includes drivers for the original 15 named sublanguages, plus the modules directory.

Schema Drivers for Named Languages

The schema drivers listed in this table are built on-the-fly by the PHP script "schema_rnc.php". The primary purpose of these links is for online validation, not for downloading. The intended usage is to copy the link and paste it into a validation script or processing instruction. Clicking on the links will download (only) the schema driver file with file name 'custom_driver.rnc', regardless of the filename of the redirected URL. If you need a local copy of one or more of these drivers, please download from the list above the appropriate zip archive (normal or relaxed), which contains all of the named-language drivers and the core modules.

Named Sublanguage Normal Serialization Relaxed Serialization
bindatagroundfact RNC RNC
bindatagroundlog RNC RNC
bindatalog RNC RNC
datalog RNC RNC
dishornlog RNC RNC
folog RNC RNC
fologeq RNC RNC
hornlog RNC RNC
hornlogeq RNC RNC
nafdatalog RNC RNC
naffolog RNC RNC
naffologeq RNC RNC
nafhornlog RNC RNC
nafnegdatalog RNC RNC
negdatalog RNC RNC

Schema Drivers for Customized Sublanguages

The PHP script "" accepts a query string that may be used to customize a RuleML sublanguage. Because the more than fifty schema modules are freely-combinable, a large number of customized languages are available. A naming convention has been adopted to identify these sublanguages, illustrated as follows:
Sublanguage Name Query String
myng-b0-d5-a0-l1-p0-i0-t10-q0-e0-s0 ?backbone=x0&default=x5&termseq=x0&lng=x1&propo=x0&implies=x0&terms=x10&quant=x0&expr=x0&serial=x0
The first letter of the facet (backbone, default, ...) has been used in the encoding, except for the facet "termseq", where the letter "a" (for -adicity or -arity) is used to disambiguate from the "terms" facet.


A GUI for constructing the query string for a customized language is available (see MYNG). For details of the modularization approach, see the MYNG Wiki, or the publication describing the re-engineering of RuleML in Relax NG.
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