Rule Responder: A RuleML-based Pragmatic Agent Web
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Friday, 27 April 2007 23:44

Rule Responder: A RuleML-Based Pragmatic Agent Web for Collaborative Teams and Virtual Organizations


Adrian Paschke, Harold Boley, Alexander Kozlenkov, Benjamin Craig

Contact: Adrian Paschke

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The Rule Responder project  uses and extends the Semantic Web towards a Pragmatic Web (syntax+semantic+pragmatic) as an infrastructure for collaborative networks, where individuals as well as automated agents and (Web) services -- with their individual (semantic and pragmatic) contexts, decisions and efforts -- can form corporate, not-for-profit, educational, or otherwise productive virtual teams or virtual organizations.

Mission Statement

The Rule Responder project builds a methodology and an efficient rule-based middleware to use and interchange knowledge and rules and negotiate about their meanings. Rules and ontologies play an important role to automatically and contextually transform data, derive new conclusions and decisions from existing knowledge and act according to changed conditions and detected  events (complex event processing). Ultimately, this should put ideas of the AI community on distributed multi agent systems and novel loosely coupled service component architectures into large scale practice.


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